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MAMO, is short for Madre Monte, a mythical Colombian goddess that protects Colombian forests. MAMO's mission is to create high quality natural cosmetic products, based on sustainable amazon agriculture, that make you look and feel like a goddess, while protecting the world's most important natural resource.

Colombia is the fourth most biodiverse country on earth and it is where you can find natural cosmetic treasures that the world has yet to discover, such as the magical cacay nut. Sadly, deforestation is a major concern in Colombia, due to increased large-scale and illicit farming activities. MAMO works hand in hand with small farmers to provide them with income opportunities that protect Colombian biodiversity.

As a development worker, I work with small-scale Colombian farmers to help them find better and safer work alternatives to illicit crops.  When I came across the cacay nut and tested its efficacy, I knew I had a business with the potential to deliver great skin care results. At the same time, it can achieve social objectives by conserving this important global resource and provide a better and safer life for Colombian farmers and their children. 

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