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Facial oils as you may know, have been a developing and growing interest of mine recently. I’ve been on an adventure to learn more about the different types and the benefits that come with with each one. As I have ways to go to discovering new and natural ingredients, I was recently introduced to MAMO Botanics‘ signature product, Oro de Cacay, which is from Cacay nut that can be found in the trees of the Amazon Rainforests in Colombia.


Cacay is something very new and unique to me since I’ve never seen or heard of any other brands of facial oils that had this special ingredient. MAMO’s (short for Madre Monte—a mythical Colombian goddess that protects the forest) ultra rich anti-aging antioxidant formula is superior to leading natural oils in vitamin E and A (retinol), and is high in linoleic acid and squalene which helps absorb quickly and deeply to nourish the skin. Oro de Cacay not only hydrates, leaves skin super silky, youthful looking, and protects skin from environmental toxins, but is both environmentally ethical and harvested by small farmers in the Colombian Amazons. I love the fact that profits from the facial oil are reinvested to Amazonian forest conservation as well.

As someone who has oily yet dehydrated skin, sufferer of hormonal breakouts, and still has lingering acne scars, Oro de Cacayhas been my saviour in my alternated night time skincare routine. It has helped so much with not only repairing the dehydration in my oily skin, but also with fading past and newer hyper pigmentation and scars. Adding in one and a half pumps of this oil into my night moisturizer and applying it from my neck up into my face has been an important part of my routine. I’ve also been making it a point to get close to the fine lines under my eyes and I’ll give you a possible future update, but as of now I can’t see Oro de Cacay leaving my regimen anytime soon.


If you still need more convincing on this miracle oil, here are some of many facts and benefits about the wonders of Cacay oil.

1. Improves elasticity
Since Cacay oil has 50% more Vitamin E, it’s ideal for moisturizing your skin. The high dose of vitamin E help stimulate the renewal of cells, which is what keeps skin looking younger. As Cacay is so rich with nourishing vitamins and essential fatty acids for your skin, it’s the best at handling its representation as a natural anti-aging skin care product. You’ll notice a noticeable skin turnover since Cacay helps with decreasing fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, sallowness, general/acne scars, and other problematic areas.

2. Nourishment for both skin & hair
Not only can you add Cacay oil to your daily skincare routine, but also in your hair care routine as well. Simply mixing a drop or two in your natural shampoo and/or conditioner will help deeply nourish your scalp and add body to your healthy and renewed shiny hair.

3. Smoother texture
Cacay Oil is perfect for the occasional breakout and hormonal skin as it’s the ultimate combination of fatty acids and Cacay Oil to calm the skin by preventing further breakouts. As the high concentration of vitamin E in Cacay hydrates, restores skin’s moisture for a smoother skin texture, and eliminates bumps and roughness be ready to say bye to those stubborn dry patches.

4. Nothing harvested goes to waste
After the oil is extracted, whatever remains of each pressed Cacay nut is put to good use in its entirety. That’s right, nothing goes to waste as the meat of the nuts are grounded into flour to be used for cooking, a food supplement, and even an ingredient in Cacay nut milk—while the peel is either added to cattle feed or used as compost to further increase the productivity of local agriculture.

5. Encourages sustainable farming
& helps save rainforests
Whether you realize it or not, deforestation in the Amazon is rapidly destroying the rainforest, and destroys over 200,000 acres of home to some of the most majestic and mysterious species in the world every single day. Not only that, it robs the entire world of potential medical breakthroughs contained from tropical plants which grow there, as well as the obvious destruction of our plant in general. However, with the rise to harvest more Cacay trees it has helped to put on a hold on deforestation in many regions of the Amazon. Cacay trees are not only fast growing, but also add nutrients back into the soil as they grow. Planting more Cacay trees also neutralize air pollution, recycle excessive levels of carbon dioxide, halt erosion and restore nutrients in the soil to encourage growth of other Amazonian plant species.

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